What We Really Like About Our 12 on Shan Floor Plan

Those condos that have all those outdoor areas that include trails, swimming pools, tennis courts and more all have to make room for them. Think about that for a moment. You have so many square meters to build your building and all of its amenities. What if you devoted more space to living space? This is what got us interested in the single tower structure and the 12 On Shan floor plan options that are available. You can get a proper living space instead of getting smaller room sizes to make room for all the space used up outdoors.

The 12 On Shan floor plan is including a large pool outside. You do not have to go without a nice recreational area to swim. It is just that the feeling of openness with the floor plan options for the condos pleased us a lot more than many other condos we have been looking at recently. We decided to put our application in for a condo in the structure to move into as soon as it is finished being built. This will be the first time in our life of being the first people to live inside the residence. We have leased and purchased a couple of other places, but they have all been previously occupied. We will be the first to live in our new place. That is exciting in itself to have something brand new.

Our floor plan incorporates unique bunks built into a bedroom for children. The rooms are big and open, and the windows are huge to let in plenty of light. Plus, our kitchen space will be quite big. There is nothing cramped about any of the living space with the 12 On Shan floor plan options we picked from. We are getting a ground floor living space, and cannot wait to move into it.

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