The Floor Has Never Looked So Good

A friend in the know suggested we look into tradition sculpture in sutton hickory when we told him about our extensive plans to remodel the main floor of our home. He is wise beyond his years! We decided to strip the whole area down to the basics and were struggling over the decision to go with carpeting or install wood flooring. Since we’re doing the work ourselves in an effort to save money, I wanted to go with carpeting as I thought it might be cheaper. Our friend pointed out this flooring isn’t costly and actually looks better.

My husband I still went around about it, however. I thought walking on wood flooring in the winter or in bare feet would be cold. I also worried about spills that could warp the wood. My husband convinced me to go with it when he pointed out that carpet wears faster and also gets very dirty which requires costly professional steam cleaning services. So we went with the wood. The color looked positively divine and installation turned out to be way easier than either of us thought. We had the flooring delivered and put down on the floor in no time at all.

Once we got that done and proceeded to put up wallpaper and get the new furniture into place, we marveled at the dark color of the flooring. It’s just beautiful and looks perfect with our new furniture and the wallpaper. The previous decorations had been done a couple of decades earlier, so to see the sudden change to a much more modern look was really striking. And now that we’ve actually lived with the wood floor, our early concerns have vanished. In fact, both of us swear we won’t go back to carpet again and we’re also thinking of putting more wood down in the bedroom.

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