She Needed to Repay a Pay Advance

A woman who does occasional work for me came to me not that long ago in tears. She explained that her car was going to be repossessed if she did not catch up on her payments. I have been in her situation before, and my heart really went out to her. I offered to give her the money she needed, but she had too much pride for that. She did ask for work to pay it off though, which I gladly gave her. She also insisted that I use a pay stub generator website that she had found so I could keep track of her repayment efforts.

I really admire this woman for wanting to do the right thing. She only got into this position only because her husband had run up a lot of her bills before leaving her, so she was at the point where she had lost nearly everything, but she refused to let that hold her back. I looked at the pay stub generator site she showed me, and I saw how easy it would be to use it. Prior to this, she would just work for me and I would give her the money on the date we agreed upon.

She was not a regular employee, so I did not have to do taxes or anything. I just gave her the money, and we never had a problem. Using the pay stub generator was easier than I expected, and I had no problem doing this for her. I knew that it was something that she needed for her own peace of mind, and she even insisted on covering the small fee that was charged for each pay stub generated. She has called me her hero in the past, but she is actually my own hero. I strive to have the courage and perseverance that she has!

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