Our Home for a Long Time

My husband and I were pretty excited about moving back to Dallas. We had met there in college, gotten married right after graduation, and quickly started our marriage off by moving to New Hampshire. When he was able to transfer to the Dallas office years later, we didn’t even have to think about it. We decided to look at uptown Dallas apartments so we could figure out what we wanted to do. We had been living in a nice enough home in New Hampshire, but we were not sure we wanted to invest in a home just yet in Dallas.

We knew that there were too many variables still, and that might not be where we finally ended up for good, though we were both hoping that was the outcome. We knew that moving into an apartment was our best option, so we looked for a two bedroom apartment since we have a 14 year old son. We also needed an apartment that would allow our two cats to come with us too. I know there are some apartment complexes that don’t allow animals, but that would be a definite deal breaker for us.

We ended up getting the two bedroom apartment at the Routh Street Flats because it was just perfect for us. My son was hoping that the bedrooms would be on opposite sides of the apartment, and I can understand that as he wants his own privacy. He also has his own private bath, which he thinks is pretty cool. He is more psyched about the swimming pool and fitness center though, and I can hardly blame him because I really like both of those too. Plus, we are allowed to have both cats, who have pretty much claimed the entire apartment as theirs. We really hope this can be home for a long time!

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