Need a New Place to Live

It really was not my idea to move. I had a really great thing going while it last. I was dating this girl who was a senior in pre law, but she got accepted to a law school in another state and I had no reason to follow her. So now I am looking for apartments for rent in Antioch. I am still another year away from graduating if everything goes well. Of course the great thing was that she was on a full scholarship and her daddy was paying all of the bills. I was really just freeloading, but I took the chance to save a good deal of money. Now I can afford to live pretty decent. I could even quit my job in theory, but that would hardly be a good idea. I just need a place that is on the school bus line. It really does not make much sense for me to drive my car to class. If you take the bus they let you off right in front of where you want to be, but if you drive then you end spending half an hour looking for a parking spot every morning.

I was checking out this place called Hickory Trace Apartments, because some of my friends live there and that would make it really convenient. Of course I do not want to have the place that is right next door to them. There are three of them sharing a three bedroom place and obviously they have parties more often than you would like if you were living too close to them. I do not mind going to hang out with them, but that does not mean that I want to live right next to them when I know that they are going to make plenty of noise.

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