My Son and I Needed a New Apartment

When my son told me he wanted to move in with me, I had no problem with that. I actually was pretty excited because I was only seeing him on weekends three times a month. His mother was remarrying a man that my son just did not like, so everyone determined that this would be the best solution until he was able to let go of his resentment. I started looking at apartments in Tallahassee FL because I knew that I would need to change things up a bit.

First, I only had a one bedroom apartment at the time, and it was not in the same school district that he is in. He has enough changes in his life right now, and I did not want him to have to deal with changing schools as well. The two of us looked at different apartments in his school district, and we both thought that the Parkway Square apartment complex was really nice. They have several different floor plans available, and we decided that we would go with the one that has two bathrooms as well as a nice patio off of the living room and master bedroom.

While we both liked the layout of the apartment, there was so much more that drew us to this particular apartment as well. My son is into all kinds of sports, so he was happy that there is a tennis court, a place to play volleyball and a swimming pool. There is also an area where we can have a bbq, a fitness center, and a business center. They really did think of everything, and we knew it would be perfect for us. While I do love having my son with me, I am also happy to see that he is starting to like his new stepfather too. He is going to continue living with me, but it is good to see progress there!

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