Moving to Missouri for a Job Really Worked out for the Best

For my job I had the choice of staying in a hotel for six months or having the company do a short-term lease on an apartment. I used an apartment finder in Parkville MO to find the Links at Parkville Apartments. It was within the housing allowance, and that meant I would not have to put out any money for the lease from my own paycheck. Plus, the place has a lot of amenities. Our apartment has a fireplace, tile floors, window coverings already in place, walk-in closets and much more. Instead of staying in a hotel and flying back to see my wife once a month, we both moved to Parkville.

My wife wanted to go. She did not have any tenure at her job back where we moved from, and we wanted to have a change of scenery. Our short six months in Parkville went fast. I was given the option to get a five-year option on working in Missouri, and I took it. We are still at the Parkville Apartments even though it has been two years since we got that first six-month lease. We really like it here, and we have no itch to move anywhere else. Our life here is much more like we want things to be. Back where we moved from, we settled for a lot of things and put up with a lot of other stuff. Moving gave us a whole new lease on life as well as a nice apartment.

I figure that if you have jobs lined up and there is an opportunity to make a change for the better in your life, then why not go for it? With so many nice apartments being available in most places now, anyone can have a nice place to live if you have a job to pay the rent.

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