Living Close to Work is Great

I am a professor at Georgia Tech, and I absolutely love what I do. I enjoy helping my students learn, and I know that many of them are going to do really great things. I also enjoy the school itself, because it provides me with everything I need to continue to grow myself. When I first started teaching here, I looked at Georgia Tech apartments, knowing that I would be much happier in an apartment over a house. I would rather spend my time doing things I want to do rather than taking care of a yard or any problems inside the house.

With an apartment, there are other people who are paid to take care of those things, and that is just fine with me. I also knew that I would not need a big apartment because I really don’t spend a lot of time there. I still wanted a nice one though, which is why I chose the Bedford floor plan at the 965M complex. It is big enough for what I need without being so big that it is overwhelming. What I like best about it is the balcony, and I often find myself out there grading papers or reading research papers.

Even though it is a studio apartment, I still have what I need, including washer and dryer hookups. What is even better are the amenities that are outside the apartment. There are retail shops and restaurants right here on the premises, which makes my life so much easier. There is also a fitness center, a yoga studio, and a resident lounge, along with so many other features that just make living here really nice. They even have a recycling program, and a lot of the residents do take advantage of it. It’s just another reason this place is so great.

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