Life in Texas is Great

Moving to Texas last year was a dream come true for me. I was born there and lived there for the first 14 years of my life, then I moved North with my family. I liked living on the outskirts of Chicago, but it just was not Texas to me. When I graduated from college, I put in some applications at a few well known companies in Texas, knowing that I wanted to start my working life there. I also looked for the best apartments in North Fort Worth because I knew I was going to move back there no matter what.

I liked the Bella Vista apartments best, because they are affordable yet very stylish. Even though it is just me, I only looked at the two bedroom apartments. I knew that my mom and dad missed Texas as well as their friends here, so I wanted to have an apartment where they can come and visit without having to get a hotel room. The cost of a two bedroom really is not much more than a one bedroom anyway, and it is so much bigger all the way around too.

I have a nice bedroom, plus there is a huge closet and my own private bath right when you first walk into the apartment. On the opposite side is the kitchen and laundry room. In the middle is a large combination living room and dining room. On the other side of that is a large bedroom and a bathroom. Off the living room is a patio where I have my grill set up. I ended up getting the job I really wanted, which is the reason I wanted this particular apartment complex, since it is only a few minutes away. Life has always been good, but it is great now!

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