Keeping the Family Guessing About Their Holiday Gifts

The kids all say they need new phones. We all have the same model. I got them on a deal with our cellular provider a few years ago. When I say that, even my wife rolls her eyes. I use my phone for texting and phone calls. I am not a selfie kind of guy, and I could not care less about seeing pictures of your lunch. However, to avoid the constant eye rolls, I will be watching the Cyber Monday cell phone deals to compare them against the shortlist of phones I have been “authorized” to give as gifts this year. Yeah, it is a weird job being a dad and a husband. Not sure which one is weirder though.

The kids are telling me all the things I can do if I get a new Android or iOS phone. They really hated it the one time I got everyone “iPads” and they were eye pads. I told them to stop the eye rolls, but they would not listen. My wife threatened to go rogue and confiscate the holiday fund this year if I did not demonstrate to her that I was going to do the right thing and actually get the kids what they have been begging for. I never bothered to tell her that I have been spending the time researching every model of new cell phone out there in order to make the best choice. I can quote you the differences of the camera specs on the latest iPhone models as they compare to the latest Android phones, but I won’t admit that to them.

Yeah, I guess I can’t actually resist those eye rolls from the family. At least I can control those situations. I can’t seem to control the desire for piercings or tattoos, but I cam make them give me an eye roll pretty much on demand. Holidays are interesting around here, but they are happy times too.

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