Just Put in a New Floor

We have been talking about this for a long time, it is just one piece of a very big puzzle when it comes to this house. We bought the place at a really bargain price, but this was because the place needed a great deal of work. The bathrooms were the really big thing and that was the first thing that we had done. We did what we were able to do and hired a guy who worked off the clock. The flooring we picked is called tradition sculpture in Sutton hickory, it is a laminate flooring in a style that is really pretty easy to work with. A friend of mine loaned me his table saw, although I am not doubting that he did not really want to do it. He came back over that same night and claimed that he was just checking in to see if we were done, but of course he wanted to make sure I gave him back the saw. It was not that big of a deal and of course he needs the saw for his job.

At any rate by that time we were long done and I had the saw in the back of the minivan so that I could take it by his place early the next morning. This is really pretty much like a jigsaw puzzle. There is a tongue and groove on alternate sides of the hardwood flooring and the only thing that you have to do is to snap them together. Obviously the real job is to cut the pieces to fit the dimensions of the room. However we got really lucky. The width of the room was perfect, although we had to use a rubber hammer to get the last piece in. It was more complicated on the end of the room, but not that difficult.

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