I’m Going to Give My Music Career Everything I’ve Got

My dad is the person who got me my first guitar when I was just a little boy. Dad is an excellent guitar player. He is the one who taught me to play. As I Grew Older, I was in multiple bands, and I think that we’re finally onto something big with this new band that I have formed. So, we have been looking at apartments for rent in Austin TX so that we can find a new place to live, and start playing in the venues here around the city. We are hoping that, with time, we will be seen by many people, and we’ll get a record deal.

My father has always had a lot of faith in me. He never expected me to be the lead singer in a band one day. He simply bought the guitar for me when I was a small child because he played, and he thought that I would enjoy learning to play, too. He was right about that. I spent many hours jamming out in my bedroom on that guitar. At some point in time, when my friends and I decided to form a band, Mom said we need to start practicing in the garage. You might think that that was the start of driving mom nuts from the noise, but it wasn’t that way at all. She and dad had set up the garage perfectly so that I could go even further with music and be as loud as we wanted to out there.

I grew up in North Carolina, but mom and dad and told me long ago that Austin, Texas is the place that you want to be if you want to get into the music business. They will be paying for the apartment here, and that will really help us out. I am going to do everything in my power that I can to make my parents proud.

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