Who Would Have Thought a Tree Service in Queens Co., NY Was Needed…Let Alone Contain One of the Best

I had always operated from the mindset that New York City, and surrounding metropolitan areas, were ridden of any form of plant life or vegetation. Buildings, skyscrapers, roads, and billboards now stand where things such as trees once were. One could only imagine the look of shock on my face when I came across the web site for Queens Tree Service while parusing such things as Queens tree removal on the internet. I had almost laughed, thinking to myself, “What a stupid business venture. A tree service where there are no trees.” This was so odd that I had to go see for myself.”

After many long hours spent driving, I crossed the many bridges and tunnels that connect the area. As the light at the end of that last tunnel to Queens Co., NY approached, my anticipation was overwhelming. Would there be trees, or no trees? I was not even partially prepared to see that trees were in an abundance. Not only that, but they were used as decorations, most often put in places where they will grow, and become a problem. Read more

They Removed a Cracked Tree

We have a lot of trees on our property, so I considered myself pretty lucky that we never had any major damage to them from some of the bad storms we have had. My wife and I have both prayed every time one of the storms had high winds, because we did not want one of the large trees to come down close to or even on the house or garage. Lightning did strike one of the trees and cracked it down the middle, so we contacted a Nassau County tree service to come out and give us an estimate on how much it would cost to remove the tree as it was just too big of a job for us to handle on our own. Read more

Keeping the Family Guessing About Their Holiday Gifts

The kids all say they need new phones. We all have the same model. I got them on a deal with our cellular provider a few years ago. When I say that, even my wife rolls her eyes. I use my phone for texting and phone calls. I am not a selfie kind of guy, and I could not care less about seeing pictures of your lunch. However, to avoid the constant eye rolls, I will be watching the Cyber Monday cell phone deals to compare them against the shortlist of phones I have been “authorized” to give as gifts this year. Yeah, it is a weird job being a dad and a husband. Not sure which one is weirder though. Read more

I Wanted to Live in a Place That I Had My Eye on

I had been looking for a place to rent that was in my price range for a long time. But there are a lot of people in this city, and you have to move quickly on anything that you see for rent that is affordable. One day, an old friend called and said she wanted someone to take of her place for a year, and wondered if I was interested. She sid that she just needed to get someone to come by the place who handles AC repair in NYC before I could come over and look at the place. I told her that I didn’t care if the AC wasn’t working at that very moment, I wanted to go right away to sign a lease agreement!

I couldn’t believe my luck that I had found a place to live for the next year so easily. I had been looking for ages, and not finding anything that I could personally afford. I needed a bigger place because the one I had been living in was pretty cramped. Read more

Just Looking Can Get You a Better Apartment for the Same Amount of Rent You Are Paying

I learned a valuable lesson as a young wife. My husband and I had mutual respect for each other. We worked together to build a strong relationship and home life. We never worked against each other in anything. We took the time to figure out what was important to us as individuals and as a couple. However, we were a bit naive about the way the world worked. We had been living in an apartment we were not happy with. We did not have established credit back then. I was upset one day looking at the best apartments in Florissant. I was upset because we were both tired of living where we were at, but we both thought we had to renew our lease for another year because of income and credit.

We both took the bull by the horns and looked at our finances and our current FICO score. We had never checked before. Paying all of our bills on time for two years really established good credit. We paid our credit card off every month too. We had the credit to get any apartment we wanted! We thought then that our income would be a problem. Well, it turns out that we could get a lot more apartment for our lease money. Read more

Life in Texas is Great

Moving to Texas last year was a dream come true for me. I was born there and lived there for the first 14 years of my life, then I moved North with my family. I liked living on the outskirts of Chicago, but it just was not Texas to me. When I graduated from college, I put in some applications at a few well known companies in Texas, knowing that I wanted to start my working life there. I also looked for the best apartments in North Fort Worth because I knew I was going to move back there no matter what.

I liked the Bella Vista apartments best, because they are affordable yet very stylish. Even though it is just me, I only looked at the two bedroom apartments. Read more

I Will Never Move from This Area

I started looking at apartments in Taylorsville shortly after graduating from college. I was born and raised in New York, but I came to Salt Lake City for college and just fell in love with it here. I was living in a dorm here for my four years of schooling, so I did not have to worry about looking for an apartment until dorm living was no longer an option. I wanted to find something close to SLC without actually living here, because I knew it would be cheaper to find something in one of the smaller towns that border it.

That is why I chose Taylorsville. Read more

The Floor Has Never Looked So Good

A friend in the know suggested we look into tradition sculpture in sutton hickory when we told him about our extensive plans to remodel the main floor of our home. He is wise beyond his years! We decided to strip the whole area down to the basics and were struggling over the decision to go with carpeting or install wood flooring. Since we’re doing the work ourselves in an effort to save money, I wanted to go with carpeting as I thought it might be cheaper. Our friend pointed out this flooring isn’t costly and actually looks better.

My husband I still went around about it, however. I thought walking on wood flooring in the winter or in bare feet would be cold. I also worried about spills that could warp the wood. My husband convinced me to go with it when he pointed out that carpet wears faster and also gets very dirty which requires costly professional steam cleaning services. So we went with the wood. Read more

Just Put in a New Floor

We have been talking about this for a long time, it is just one piece of a very big puzzle when it comes to this house. We bought the place at a really bargain price, but this was because the place needed a great deal of work. The bathrooms were the really big thing and that was the first thing that we had done. We did what we were able to do and hired a guy who worked off the clock. The flooring we picked is called tradition sculpture in Sutton hickory, it is a laminate flooring in a style that is really pretty easy to work with. A friend of mine loaned me his table saw, although I am not doubting that he did not really want to do it. Read more

I’m Going to Give My Music Career Everything I’ve Got

My dad is the person who got me my first guitar when I was just a little boy. Dad is an excellent guitar player. He is the one who taught me to play. As I Grew Older, I was in multiple bands, and I think that we’re finally onto something big with this new band that I have formed. So, we have been looking at apartments for rent in Austin TX so that we can find a new place to live, and start playing in the venues here around the city. We are hoping that, with time, we will be seen by many people, and we’ll get a record deal.

My father has always had a lot of faith in me. Read more

Needed an Apartment for College

My father helped me look for an apartment for Topeka KS after I got accepted into an education program at Rasmussen College, which is located in that city. We live in Kansas City, and my father really hoped I would go to the University of Missouri in Columbia, since he’d gone there and loved the place, but when we went on a tour of schools in the area I thought the campus in Topeka seemed like a better fit. It’s also not that far from home. The only problem was lining up a place to live that was affordable and safe.

I really wanted a one bedroom apartment as I’m a serious student and won’t be spending a lot of time on campus as I’ll be working while attending school. Most importantly, I needed a place that was quiet as any time I’d be at the apartment I would be studying. Read more

Living Close to Work is Great

I am a professor at Georgia Tech, and I absolutely love what I do. I enjoy helping my students learn, and I know that many of them are going to do really great things. I also enjoy the school itself, because it provides me with everything I need to continue to grow myself. When I first started teaching here, I looked at Georgia Tech apartments, knowing that I would be much happier in an apartment over a house. I would rather spend my time doing things I want to do rather than taking care of a yard or any problems inside the house.

With an apartment, there are other people who are paid to take care of those things, and that is just fine with me. I also knew that I would not need a big apartment because I really don’t spend a lot of time there. I still wanted a nice one though, which is why I chose the Bedford floor plan at the 965M complex. Read more

Moving to Missouri for a Job Really Worked out for the Best

For my job I had the choice of staying in a hotel for six months or having the company do a short-term lease on an apartment. I used an apartment finder in Parkville MO to find the Links at Parkville Apartments. It was within the housing allowance, and that meant I would not have to put out any money for the lease from my own paycheck. Plus, the place has a lot of amenities. Our apartment has a fireplace, tile floors, window coverings already in place, walk-in closets and much more. Instead of staying in a hotel and flying back to see my wife once a month, we both moved to Parkville.

My wife wanted to go. She did not have any tenure at her job back where we moved from, and we wanted to have a change of scenery. Our short six months in Parkville went fast. I was given the option to get a five-year option on working in Missouri, and I took it. We are still at the Parkville Apartments even though it has been two years since we got that first six-month lease. Read more

She Needed to Repay a Pay Advance

A woman who does occasional work for me came to me not that long ago in tears. She explained that her car was going to be repossessed if she did not catch up on her payments. I have been in her situation before, and my heart really went out to her. I offered to give her the money she needed, but she had too much pride for that. She did ask for work to pay it off though, which I gladly gave her. She also insisted that I use a pay stub generator website that she had found so I could keep track of her repayment efforts.

I really admire this woman for wanting to do the right thing. Read more

I Needed to Feel Better About the Way I Look

I couldn’t figure out what happened to my skin or why everyone else my age looks so much younger. I’ve never been a smoker. I know that people like to say that is the number one thing that can age a person, so I was just perplexed. I began looking into CO2 laser to see if that would help me. I had heard about it, but I knew little about it. I wondered if it could help offer a change to my skin that would help me be much happier about the face that I present to the world on a daily basis.

People used to tell me so often that I had great skin. It seemed like I would never stop receiving compliments about it. I could see what they were talking about when I looked in the mirror. My skin looked dewy and healthy. Read more

Our Home for a Long Time

My husband and I were pretty excited about moving back to Dallas. We had met there in college, gotten married right after graduation, and quickly started our marriage off by moving to New Hampshire. When he was able to transfer to the Dallas office years later, we didn’t even have to think about it. We decided to look at uptown Dallas apartments so we could figure out what we wanted to do. We had been living in a nice enough home in New Hampshire, but we were not sure we wanted to invest in a home just yet in Dallas. Read more

Moving to a City with Better Opportunities Was Important

I needed to move to a city that has more to offer, so I did some research to find out what place that might be in my own state. Once I learned the answer, I decided to work with an apartment finder for Goodlettsville TN apartments to find a good one. I had never been there before and knew little about it other than what I had learned on the Internet about it. So, I figured that having someone show me the best places to live would be better than me trying to drive around a city that I wasn’t familiar with and not finding places very easily.

The reason that I needed to move is because I lived in a Tennessee town of only a few thousand people. It is really hard to come by any job there, much less one that pays well. This is because there just aren’t enough businesses there, and there are so many people trying to get the few jobs that open up every month. Read more

What We Really Like About Our 12 on Shan Floor Plan

Those condos that have all those outdoor areas that include trails, swimming pools, tennis courts and more all have to make room for them. Think about that for a moment. You have so many square meters to build your building and all of its amenities. What if you devoted more space to living space? This is what got us interested in the single tower structure and the 12 On Shan floor plan options that are available. You can get a proper living space instead of getting smaller room sizes to make room for all the space used up outdoors.

The 12 On Shan floor plan is including a large pool outside. You do not have to go without a nice recreational area to swim. It is just that the feeling of openness with the floor plan options for the condos pleased us a lot more than many other condos we have been looking at recently. We decided to put our application in for a condo in the structure to move into as soon as it is finished being built. Read more

My Son and I Needed a New Apartment

When my son told me he wanted to move in with me, I had no problem with that. I actually was pretty excited because I was only seeing him on weekends three times a month. His mother was remarrying a man that my son just did not like, so everyone determined that this would be the best solution until he was able to let go of his resentment. I started looking at apartments in Tallahassee FL because I knew that I would need to change things up a bit.

First, I only had a one bedroom apartment at the time, and it was not in the same school district that he is in. He has enough changes in his life right now, and I did not want him to have to deal with changing schools as well. Read more

I Just Got Back to Virginia

I got back from Germany the other day, of course it is not like it used to be around here. My mom moved out of her house and she is living in a condo. Luckily for me she has an extra room where I can crash while I am looking for a place of my own. After looking at some apartments in Leesburg VA I am thinking that I really might want to find a guy who wants to be my roommate. Of course usually that is going to be an extra hundred plus dollars per month and so when you split it two ways, the cost to me is going to be three fifths of what a one bedroom place would cost you. The problem is that you are not going to want some person who can not be counted on. You will not want a guy who is flaky or a guy who can not hold onto a job. I am going to be going to school and so I am going to be extremely limited myself. Read more

Need a New Place to Live

It really was not my idea to move. I had a really great thing going while it last. I was dating this girl who was a senior in pre law, but she got accepted to a law school in another state and I had no reason to follow her. So now I am looking for apartments for rent in Antioch. I am still another year away from graduating if everything goes well. Of course the great thing was that she was on a full scholarship and her daddy was paying all of the bills. I was really just freeloading, but I took the chance to save a good deal of money. Now I can afford to live pretty decent. I could even quit my job in theory, but that would hardly be a good idea. Read more