Just Looking Can Get You a Better Apartment for the Same Amount of Rent You Are Paying

I learned a valuable lesson as a young wife. My husband and I had mutual respect for each other. We worked together to build a strong relationship and home life. We never worked against each other in anything. We took the time to figure out what was important to us as individuals and as a couple. However, we were a bit naive about the way the world worked. We had been living in an apartment we were not happy with. We did not have established credit back then. I was upset one day looking at the best apartments in Florissant. I was upset because we were both tired of living where we were at, but we both thought we had to renew our lease for another year because of income and credit.

We both took the bull by the horns and looked at our finances and our current FICO score. We had never checked before. Paying all of our bills on time for two years really established good credit. We paid our credit card off every month too. We had the credit to get any apartment we wanted! We thought then that our income would be a problem. Well, it turns out that we could get a lot more apartment for our lease money. Read more

Life in Texas is Great

Moving to Texas last year was a dream come true for me. I was born there and lived there for the first 14 years of my life, then I moved North with my family. I liked living on the outskirts of Chicago, but it just was not Texas to me. When I graduated from college, I put in some applications at a few well known companies in Texas, knowing that I wanted to start my working life there. I also looked for the best apartments in North Fort Worth because I knew I was going to move back there no matter what.

I liked the Bella Vista apartments best, because they are affordable yet very stylish. Even though it is just me, I only looked at the two bedroom apartments. Read more